Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A bit of Nature

Last week we didn't get out much, so I ended up contemplating whether or not I was going to be able to handle the two wild girls alone on a hike. A hike that just so happens to be on a trail 30 minutes from town. I ended up taking a leap of faith, like I do often in life, and said to myself "A couple of hours won't kill me." Thankfully I was right, we had a great time and the girls were surprisingly cooperative.
P.S.- I'm pretty sure I saw Ryan Gossling hiking out there as well, ha ha.

Follow the leader
Stopped to pick up rocks
Checking out the dry creek
How life is with her, a blur.
On our way out

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  1. I always find it relaxing for me if I take my kids out for a walk around our new neighborhood and to the parks. Kids love it. :) Look at those two cuties. :) Oh dear! No poison ivy for sure, they are bad! I am allergy to those and went to the farm today and walked through some poison ivies. Oh dear! They are easily spotted, it's a three-leaf plant.