Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Parties & Star Gazing

This last weekend played out just as I wish every weekend would. Full of adventure, travels and just being around family and friends. Friday we ate breakfast at our favorite little diner on the town square and as we were checking out the local theater Matt ran into an old friend. After catching up, she was kind enough to snap a little family picture of us. Saturday we loaded up and headed North for my niece's birthday, which was held in one of the most charming little backyards. Good music, good food and good company made this day one to remember. Later that night we were able to get the girls to sleep just in time to watch the meteor shower! Sunday was a theme park day. Yes, we made a Branson trip and went to Silver Dollar City again :) I mean hey, what good are season passes if you don't use them and the girls are only "Free Admission" for a little while longer. Sadly I have no pictures from Sunday, all I have are the mental ones. There's the one of Chesa on her first offical ride, the kiddie frog ride. She loved it and I lost my stomach on that ride more than any other ride that day. There's the one of us, as a family riding Tom and Huck's River Blast, which we initially thought would be a fun family boat ride. Well, it was NOT. Being in that boat was like having a huge target painted on your face, inviting people to shoot you with water. And well, the girls didn't appreciate that at all. There's the picture of Malaya and Chesa having a blast covered in dirt head to toe, oh and of course the one of Malaya singing Happy Birthday to her grandpa, pretty darn cute. Like I said, I wish every weekend were this great.

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