Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Swashbuckling Good Time!

Well, Mally turned 3. Like every other year we had a big birthday party, the only difference this year is that she is more vocal about what she wants and what she doesn't want. What does she want? Well, pirates of course! This year I intended for this party to be somewhat simple, stress free and well, let's be honest... cheap. All of that went out the door at the start, after all what's a pirate party without all the necessities pirates, a ship, a plank and pirate food! It didn't end up breaking the bank, we thrifted our outfits and you'd be surprised at what you can do with some cardboard and spray paint! Although, when you're a procrastination specialist like me, you can be sure of rough seas ahead. Luckily for me I work awesome under pressure :)  Wednesday I started painting the decor and pulling together or outfits. Thursday was Malaya's actual birthday, so we focused on the girls all day. Matt was off of work and we headed out of town to get our bounce house on! We all had a blast for a couple of hours for only $5.00, can't beat that. We were able to stop by Party City and pick up party supplies. Friday we picked up a refrigerator box from our local Home Depot and got to work on our pirate ship, I also made the cakes that night. Saturday, out of some miracle we pulled everything together and had us a pirate party, even the rain couldn't stop us! In the end it was A LOT of time consuming work for a party that lasted only a couple of hours... but creating good memories for our girls lasts a lifetime and that's all that matters. ARRRR!!

So hard to believe she's grown so much

Silly Face Pose

She wanted pancakes :)

Another one bites the dust
Cap'n Malaya and her first mate



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