Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art & Small Town Charm

Yes! Finally our laptop is back and fixed, now back to blogging! These last couple of weeks have been busy to say the least. Between both girls getting sick to helping my mom with her unexpected gallbladder surgery to buying a vintage travel trailer. I probably wouldn't have had time to blog even if I did have a working laptop available. Here are a few pictures from the weekend scene. We had a chance to take the girls to our local art festivle on Saturday and Sunday we decided to take an hour drive to Eureka Springs, AR and spend the day in this charming little town. Clearly I'm not the best photographer, and I need to read up on my camera or take a class or 2 in photography, ha ha. The poor quality of the pictures is quite laughable, after I discovered my lens was all smudged over with little baby fingerprints (anything to keep the little bugger still while in the midst of changing a poopy one!). Anyhow, sorry! I hope to get better in time, until then you'll have to deal with the blurry and too bright pictures :)

Fixing to head to Blue Sky Art Festival

Drawing at the kiddie table

Enjoying the live music and apples

Mally decided to show off her dance skills

Break dancing to Lynard Skynard
Dancing with grandpa at the Hot Air Balloon Festival

We headed to Eureka Springs on Sunday

Snack break

Mr. Creepy Clown

Wardrobe change


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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful family. Eureka Springs is not far from us. WE were there when I was pregnant with my first one and that was 4 years ago. Oh dear! It's been that long. Thanks for following and nice to meet you, Krystal! :)