Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reuse It Before You Lose It!

Many of us question how much of a positive impact one individual’s eco friendly efforts can really have on the world we live in. Yet, if we all bury our heads in the sand and assume the responsibility for our environment sits squarely on another’s shoulders, the earth’s future really will be compromised. We all need to become accountable for our own little patch of the planet and in doing so become collectively responsible for ensuring a positive impact for the greater good. 
Being more environmentally friendly needn’t necessitate drastic lifestyle changes. Good green habits can soon become second nature. Energy savings are easily made from everyday activities – such as not leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth. These small steps form healthy habits and impact positively on the world around you.
One of the most effective ways of recycling is to consider whether something really is rubbish; after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your unwanted items can be freely advertised and are bound to be snapped up by someone else. You may even make a little money out of it. Donate kids clothes, books and toys to charitable organisations or a nearby pre-school. Rather than lugging your old lumber to the local dump, why not set up a stall at a car boot sale?
Of course you needn’t limit yourself to hearth and home when it comes to recycling. Set your sights outside too. Your garden can create vast amounts of waste, so why not compost your own little corner of the country? The products of all that pruning, picking and plucking need to go somewhere.
As well as old flowers, nettles and grass cuttings from the garden, you can also compost a variety of household waste products, such as coffee grounds, tea bags and vegetable peelings. Your garden will thrive on the best bits of your bin as you create a constant source of nutrient rich food to dig into the soil.
You’ll find your garden benefits by being naturally robust and vigorous because of the well-balanced nutrients provided by the compost. Composting is a great way of getting closer to nature and allows you to get involved with the natural cycle of life. Choosing to do your bit by creating less waste and keeping your patch of the planet pretty for generations to come is a great decision and one which will send the right message to any little ones you have running around. Not only that, but you could find yourself saving a tidy sum of money too – win, win!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet my Sponsors!

You may have already seen my sponsors mentioned in my Babiekins Mag or Rally to 2k giveaway posts, but here's the spotlight on these two beauties! Be sure to go check out both of their Etsy shops and take a look around, you may find that perfect gift to give for Christmas!

JAC @  JaxxG
JaxxG provides a variety of custom made baby items
but you can also find a few things for the adults as well!
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RAYNA @ RaynaJaye
RaynaJaye has an selection of cute headbands and turbans
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If you are interested, sponsorship is currently FREE on Wildflowers 3!
Please visit my SPONSORS page for more info, also interested in button swaps as well :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stevie Nicks = Amazing.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and/or Thanksgiving break!
In an attempt to not get a "Case of the Mondays"
This video will be set on repeat
From 4:38 on I get chills every single time
Love this woman.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving inspiration!

Having trouble dressing for the occasion?
Here are a couple looks I love
I'm really into this mustard look


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone that's observing Thanksgiving has a wonderful day tomorrow!
And if you are brave enough to get out for Black Friday good luck, stay safe!
♫ Come roll in all the riches all around you
and for once never wonder what they are worth ♫

Thursday, November 15, 2012

From belt to headband tutorial...Respectfully

I gave this DIY a serious amount of thought before posting, especially after the Victoria's Secret controversy. Let me just say that we have nothing but respect for other races, cultures and people in general, our intentions are pure and not meant to offend anyone. This is an update to the old kindergarten Thanksgiving craft and solely in good fun. With that said, let's begin :)
She was watching birds fly away :)

Extra embellishments (I used an old high school earring)
Strong craft glue (must work will leather)
Woven leather belt (goodwill $2.00)
Rubber bands (not shown)
Tape measure

Cut the seams to the buckle

Measure the circumference of child's head, across forehead
Unravel belt
Using the traditional braid, braid 3 strips of leather together

Braid your headband 1 inch longer than the measured length of child's head
Use rubber band to secure end

Glue end strips together
 Do not cut extra loose strips yet, unless you are highly confident this will turn out 100% like you want. But I always stick with "Better to be safe than sorry" ;)
Cut headband from belt and secure with rubber band
Glue strips together

Glue elastic to the end that was just cut
Let dry

After glue has dried
Take your measuring tape and measure the band (with elastic stretched out) to what your child's head length measurement.
EX: if your child's head measured 18 inches, measure your headband with the elastic stretched to 18 inches and place glue

Glue elastic and end together, let dry
After dry
Place feathers, starting with the center of the headband
(if you're using feathers from the yard it's always a good idea to wash and sterilize)

Once you have the placement of feathers
Measure and cut a strip of fabric

Place glue to the back side of each feather on headband
Add fabric
(fabric is to prevent any poking from feathers)

Glue any embellishment you have to headband
Cut any ends of feathers sticking out
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Matt has asked several times what I want for Christmas well here it is, my list...
A: Vintage Harley Davidson Buckle... distressed and amazing
B: Dylan baseball T... seeing as a vintage one runs upwards from $50 think this will suffice
C: Feather necklace, Chesa broke mine the other day and I lost it... it was my everyday necklace
D: Leather belt... I couldn't find the link, which is sad because this was my fav
E: Amazing coat... I'm not much into the "I wear animals" look but if this were faux I'd die!
F: I Love Lucy season 1... I love her.
G: Navajo jacket... so this isn't a "must have" item but it's just awesome
H: Aztec jacket... again, not a "must have" but I'm a sucker for these prints
I: Amazing coat 2... I'll just scour Etsy till I find the best faux coat

Monday, November 12, 2012

Style breakdown: Babiekins Magazine

Happy Monday all!
Today Mally's been lucky enough to be featured on Babekins Magazine's blog! Babekins Magazine is full of trendsetting children and it's perfect for that stylish parent too. We are so thrilled for them to have chosen Malaya for this weeks Lil' Stylekins.
If you haven't seen her Week of Outfits check it out! I wanted to do a quick style breakdown of each outfit in this post, a lot of the items shown were either thrifted finds, yardsale scores or gifted to us. Let me know which is your favorite look and don't forget to check out my two sponsors Jaxx G and Rayna Jaye!
Be sure to check out Jaxx G's and Rayna Jaye's Etsy shops!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Doggy Doo!

Tell me what you think of this game :)
I literally just saw this while watching Ratatouille with the girls
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dream Home Inspiration

I've got a Spanish style home obsession.  Everything from the plastered walls to the tile floors to the arched doorways. Matt and I have been dreaming of one day building our own home, out amongst the trees and fields. Where our neighbors don't throw parties until 2am. Where no one cares if we haven't mowed our yard in a month, which call me crazy but I actually like the over grown lawn look! Out where we can have our own get together's without worrying about... "Where is everyone going to park?" or "Are we being too loud?" Unfortunately, unless some miracle happens this plan to build our own home will stay, just as that, a plan. But until then I can sit and design every single detail with Pinterest and look forward to the day we can "break ground".
Photo source
Photo source

Photo from
Photo source
Photo source

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Thankful" bunting- Diy

Material: I used a canvas bag I bought at the thrift store for .25 cents
Paper or Card stock
Paper bag
I didn't use a glue gun
Tape (not pictured)
Printer (not pictured)
Use card stock to make triangle 6x6x5 and cut
Trace out triangles on your fabric
And cut
Printable letters here
Cut letters out, tape to brown bag and cut around
Add glue to paper bag letters
Glue to lace
Make sure your letters are glued to the lace the appropriate facing direction
Let dry a few minutes (glue dries clear)
Cut around each letter
Glue cut outs to triangles
Cut  small holes in the top corners
Thread rope thru holes