Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reuse It Before You Lose It!

Many of us question how much of a positive impact one individual’s eco friendly efforts can really have on the world we live in. Yet, if we all bury our heads in the sand and assume the responsibility for our environment sits squarely on another’s shoulders, the earth’s future really will be compromised. We all need to become accountable for our own little patch of the planet and in doing so become collectively responsible for ensuring a positive impact for the greater good. 
Being more environmentally friendly needn’t necessitate drastic lifestyle changes. Good green habits can soon become second nature. Energy savings are easily made from everyday activities – such as not leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth. These small steps form healthy habits and impact positively on the world around you.
One of the most effective ways of recycling is to consider whether something really is rubbish; after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your unwanted items can be freely advertised and are bound to be snapped up by someone else. You may even make a little money out of it. Donate kids clothes, books and toys to charitable organisations or a nearby pre-school. Rather than lugging your old lumber to the local dump, why not set up a stall at a car boot sale?
Of course you needn’t limit yourself to hearth and home when it comes to recycling. Set your sights outside too. Your garden can create vast amounts of waste, so why not compost your own little corner of the country? The products of all that pruning, picking and plucking need to go somewhere.
As well as old flowers, nettles and grass cuttings from the garden, you can also compost a variety of household waste products, such as coffee grounds, tea bags and vegetable peelings. Your garden will thrive on the best bits of your bin as you create a constant source of nutrient rich food to dig into the soil.
You’ll find your garden benefits by being naturally robust and vigorous because of the well-balanced nutrients provided by the compost. Composting is a great way of getting closer to nature and allows you to get involved with the natural cycle of life. Choosing to do your bit by creating less waste and keeping your patch of the planet pretty for generations to come is a great decision and one which will send the right message to any little ones you have running around. Not only that, but you could find yourself saving a tidy sum of money too – win, win!

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  1. I totally agree. There's always a little something we can do. I live in an apartment but still find space to have a small garden on the balcony and a little compost bin for scraps.
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