Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twelve. Twenty One. Twelve

Personally I don't believe the world will be ending this Friday. Although, in light of all the Mayan Calender 12.21.12 Phenomena, it's got me thinking what if. Now we could go around and around about how the world won't be ending Friday or will be, but just to humor myself...
This is how my "The Day Before The End Of The World" would go in my perfect little world
8:00am-  Sleep
9:00am- Wake up ALONE and enjoy a cup of coffee
10:00am- Get the girls up
10:30am- Make a big platter of pancakes, and let the girls have the sugar syrup this time
11:00am- Go to Silver Dollar City and let the girls ride every ride they want over and over again! (I'd hope it wouldn't be as busy since it's the day before the end of the world and all)
5:00pm- Big family "last" supper, mine would be pizza (stuffed crust of course) with lots of ranch and I think the girls wouldn't mind that for their last supper either. All of our close family members eating and enjoying each other, sounds good to me!
7:00pm- Lots of cuddling with the girls, watching home videos and reading books in bed
9:00pm- Bedtime, I think this night would be the perfect night to let the "you sleep in your own bed" rule to go out the window.
9:15pm- Blissful sleeping...
There you have it, nothing extravagant. Just making both my girls happy would be perfect for me. How would you spend your "Day Before The End Of The World"?




  1. i didnt know the world was meant to end on friday! how scary! eep! xo

  2. I'd spend it by the beach with my dog and my husband. I love how happy you and your girls look in that pic! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Sounds like it would be a wonderful day spent before the world ends. Luckily, we all survived. We were on the road on our way back to our old place and we made it here safe and sound. Right now, we are sitting on our couch while watching an old Alice In Wonderland movie with the kids and the husband. Mine would probably be taking a trip to the mountains and go for a long hike until we are all tired and pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere. LOL! Merry Christmas and May You All Have A Wonderful New Year!

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