Saturday, August 25, 2012

Picky eaters

I may have the worlds pickiest eater living in my house. In fact I may have 2 of the worlds pickiest eaters living in my house, Matt being one of them and Chesa the other. Chesa likes the most random things. Most of the time she will not eat strawberries or blueberries, but will scarf down a whole plate of homemade kale chips, so odd to me. Anyhow, we've been on a juicing kick since the new year and that's usually the easiest way to get veggies down my children! I recently took a fellow mother's advice on IG and added spinach to the girls juice, although juicing spinach you don't get much out of but at least I know it's in there. I'll try kale next week. I've also tried a few pinterest recipes, my latest zucchini pizza bites. They ended up being delicious in my opinion, the girls on the other hand didn't quite appreciate them as much as I did.
Juice your veggies first then add apples. Keep testing and adding more apples until veggies aren't tasted. It's alright to trick them, it's for their own good! Here, I used carrots, celery, spinach and apples.
Zucchini, olive oil (not shown), pizza sauce, grated cheese and mini pepperoni. Slice Zucchini, paint both sides with olive oil and grill (or broil) for about 10 minutes.

Dab a bit of pizza sauce onto one side, add cheese and pepperoni (if you please). Grill/ broil for another 8 minutes. pull out and enjoy!

Nom nom nom!

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