Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paint, Fair & Nature

This last weekend was Matt's weekend rotation at work. Which means he went in at 10am on Saturday and didn't get off until 7pm that evening. As much as I am thankful for him, his job and the fact that he provides for his family, I can't help but loath the dreadful weekend rotation. However this is our life, we must accept it and move on... "Daddy has to make money or we don't have breakfast or ballet." in the word of Malaya.
So, while we waited for him to get off work we watched a few movies, read a couple books and I found good use of the left over refrigerator box that's just sitting in the garage. I made an easel, got the paint out and the girls "went to town" making art. After Matt got home, we managed to make it to the fair long enough to ride 3 rides and be broke... no seriously, they make a killin'. To top off the weekend, Sunday the weather was just right to go out and take a Jeep ride! We ended up stomping around the banks of Arkansas, skipping rocks on the Buffalo River and playing in campfire dirt. All in all the weekend turned out great, even though some weekends "Daddy has to make money".
My early birds
"You talkin' ta me?!"

Dirt don't hurt

Wildflower pickin'