Friday, November 2, 2012

Our weekly favorites

If you read my last post about our Halloween, you know that my girls haven't been feeling that great lately. Both Mally and Chesa came down with a runny nose on Sunday, which went from coughing, watery eyes and sneezing to sever coughing. We originally thought it to be allergies but Mally's cough preceded to get worse so we went ahead and took her to the doctor Thursday. Just as we suspected, they said the sinus drainage is causing her cough. Luckily today she's been getting into mischief, which is a good sign she must be feeling better and more like herself. I think this weekend we'll be taking it somewhat easy and hopefully everything will be cleared up or at least settled down by Monday. Here are a few of our favorites that helped us get by this week!


  1. We LOVE Traditional Medicinal teas! I have at least 10 different kinds in my kitchen on my tea shelf. We usually have more. When the whole house get sick, we make sweet tea, but we add a bag of the echinacea tea in the steep as well. That way everyone gets a little bit of an immune boost.

  2. That's the only type Mally has tried is the Throat Coat. She didn't much care for it when she first tried it a while back, but she doesn't mind it at all now! We love us some good hot tea around here :)